Personal Support for Founders

Supporting and consulting for better results and portfolio enhancement between China and Europe

Comprehensive Pool of information

Providing in-depth knowledge regarding the concerned market with Interculturel Understanding

Competent Consulting

Helping you to shape your ideas & visions into successful business ideas

Dedicated Support

Organizing events, workshops, coaching, one-on-one consultations, and training

Building Relationships

Recognizing potential & connecting projects between Austria / Europe & China

We are a Vienna-based agency with more than 50+ wonderful coworkers and partners around the world, helping multicultural companies and partners reach the right audience. The most important thing for us is to always see brands, projects, and you as a person all in all as part of a supportive ecosystem that works to grow economically as well as socially.


Our team works efficiently to help, guide, and monitor your businesses and we do our best to generate you good results.

We work on the simple philosophy, “Together We Create.” and we believe that this is the key.  

The Core, Artciety, emerged from the experiences of Jiaran wang, who lives in both worlds, and it’s her dream to bridge the economic and culture gap between the two. Besides all, she believes that it is important to bring and guide individuals to work with like-minded partners, so their success becomes double, and they can target and benefit from both markets.

Main areas we serve are e.g. Startups, Creative Industries, Digital Business and Organic Goods.

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